Why Choose Us?

Kordia exists to bring large, complex network
projects across the line. The greater the
challenge, the more important it is
to talk to Kordia.


Kordia means Harmony

We focus on harmonising people with technology.
Our values form the core of what we do,
for our employees and customers.

So what makes
Kordia special?

Kordia has a highly developed system in a state of
continuous improvement. We’re Australian industry
and externally accredited to the highest levels.

You'd be in
good company

For over three decades government and major
Australian corporations have been contracting
to Kordia. We have earned trust and continue
to build long term relationships to succeed.

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From outback
to your back

Our network connects people from the far reaches of the country to the densest cities.

Our national, 24/7 network operations centre can deploy teams and services from state-based and remote field offices at a moment’s notice.

We have a rich history managing
communication networks ...

Genuine “turnkey” capability,
delivered by an in-house team of
experts with the tools and technical
agility to deliver large-scale complex
infrastructure projects.

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We cast a net over a wide area

Kordia monitor safety of life at sea over a quarter of the world’s oceans.

In 'life or death' situations, such as maritime and aviation solutions,
we deliver certainty – we apply the same rigour to your business.
Kordia monitor safety of life at sea over a quarter of the world’s oceans.

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help you?

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