Managing critical public assets and infrastructure at the end of their life cycle is just as important as maintaining them throughout it.

With responsibilities for a diverse range of building, transport, telecommunication, industrial and utility asset portfolios over several decades, Kordia has developed strong capabilities in asset management.

We recognise the importance of maintaining accurate and current records on changes that occur after ‘as-built’ networks are installed. The need to manage adds, moves and changes to effectively control the spares inventory means that equipment must be tracked on a database by product type, and at serial number level – particularly as it moves from sites to repair centres and on to different locations.

Our in-house competency spans existing systems, planning and preparation, through to service communications and broadband networks. Kordia is also one of the few companies that has the expertise to work with complex infrastructure requirements from concept to customer.

Kordia’s task and inventory management systems operate on standard protocols and open architecture, enabling us to simply integrate into customers’ systems for:

  • Capturing ‘as built’ networks in their initial state
  • Generating reports on a monthly basis to advise customers of spare movements and locations
  • Prompting technicians at job closure times to enter equipment swap-out details
  • Prompting the logistics area to ensure follow-through on items for repair
  • Providing a web-based information system to all stakeholders, internally and externally, that has current asset details on a site-by-site basis
  • Tracking where all parts are at the current time, including a history of movements by serial number
  • Providing current information across multiple platforms.

Kordia provides expert communications and broadband network consulting services to network owners, operators and vendors in Australia, as well as independent technical and business case advice on current and future technology.

As part of our ‘cradle to grave’ asset lifecycle capability, our Asset Closure Services (ACS) team also supports clients through end-of-life planning and project management, optimising these assets even at their final stages.