At Kordia, we understand the site acquisition phase often holds the least certainty, yet influences all dependant activities and stakeholders. Successful site acquisition and effective design are key to project success and total costs of ownership, which is why we offer complete management of Greenfield, co-location and upgrades across macro, small cells and in-building solutions.

Kordia’s national SAED team comprises highly experienced property, town planning and engineering design staff – all of which are able to provide either stand-alone specific SAED services, or fully integrate the SAED function into wider projects and programs to offer complete end-to-end solutions for both wireless and fixed network deployments.

Our expert team is able undertake a wide range of services including:

Property Services

  • Site investigation and Candidate Identification
  • Master Access & Facilities Access Agreement negotiations
  • Lease and commercial negotiations
  • Tenure execution and legal services
  • Co-location process management
  • Lease renewal and portfolio management

Town & Environmental Planning

  • Low impact determination consultations
  • Management of development consent process
  • Cultural Heritage Management
  • Environmental planning and management
  • Native Title assessments
  • Land Access Activity Notices
  • Stakeholder & community liaison

RF Compliance

  • NATA Accreditation for site audits and field measurements
  • NATA Accreditation for EME analysis and modelling
  • Site RF-EME Management
  • Compliance documentation & signage

Engineering & Design

  • RF coverage modelling
  • Site feasibility study, visits & assessments
  • Microwave and Fibre transmission design and Line-of-Sight assessment
  • In-building coverage analysis and solution design
  • Structural design and certification
  • CAD drafting
  • Safety In Design and certification to codes, practices and standards
  • Civil, electrical and earthing design
  • Specialised solutions including renewable power, remote satellite-fed sites, and small cells