The use of mobile phones in correctional centres is of major concern. Phones are routinely detected in correctional centres around Australia and New Zealand, and their use often involves illegal activity.

Kordia Solutions was part of the first trial of mobile phone signal jamming in Australia, a security initiative to combat illicit phone use by inmates. Since 2009, Kordia had been working on the installation of a mobile signal jamming system on behalf of prison authorities across the country.

The project trialled the use of a Distributed Antenna System (DAS) to jam and block the use of illegitimate mobile phones within the correctional centre. The DAS system jammed the channels transmitting mobile phone signals but prevented disruption outside the centre. Kordia provided the DAS design, which was installed under Kordia supervision.

We also activated the jamming system into the DAS and ran a series of tests to prove the system’s effectiveness, and ensure mobile signals outside the complex were unaffected.

Since then, Kordia has worked closely with authorities, particularly during the early testing phase, to ensure that the jamming signal is successfully contained within the correctional centre.